The New Beginning Holy Bible

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"So the last shall be first, and the first last..." (Matthew 20:16) More than 90% of readers read only the first chapter of any book that they get for reading. No wonder so many people who pick up The Holy Bible have a hard time believing in God. The first book of the original Holy Bible, The book of Genesis, which starts out with the words: "In the beginning God created the Heaven and the earth" is full of incredible stories that may be very hard to believe without first developing at least a little bit of faith in the word that purports to be God's Word. But how is one to develop faith without reading the word of God first? Consisting of three volumes the original edition of The New Beginning Holy Bible, also known as Your Out of Order and Backwards Bible, starts out by presenting the testimony of John (the beloved disciple) from the five books of John. Starting with John 1:1: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God," and ending with his Revelation then backwards through the other three Gospels and backwards through the rest of the books of the New Testament from last to first. You will notice a great difference in the style of the fourth gospel, the gospel we call “John,” and the first three, which we put together calling them the “synoptic gospels”: Matthew, Mark, Luke. Both tell about Jesus, but in two different ways. For the synoptic gospels, the humanity of Jesus is always in the forefront; it’s a human understanding. It’s a human face; it’s a human personality being described and narrated. But in John, no, truly a human face and a human voice, but not really a human understanding, rather a divine one. The benefit to today's reader is that he/she gets to the most interesting words to be found in the Bible quickly including The Holy Bible's most famous passage John 3:16-21 within 15 minutes of reading. The promise of salvation through belief in the name of Jesus is presented to the reader immediately. That promise alone will urge readers to read more and then make the decision upon which their eternal life depends; To believe or not to believe? That is the question that The New Beginning Bible provides a better answer to than all previous editions of The Holy Bible for it offers the promise of Jesus Christ's salvation that leads to eternal life first and foremost. Edited by Gregory GOrDon.